Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday - Week End Report

Good Morning Friends,

Here it is...Friday and once again the end of another week. Got to admit, this morning I really did not want to get out of Bed. The comforter was just to nice, warm and toasty. My dogs on the other hand had different ideas and made sure I got on up and took care of them. Yesterday we had what I would call a light dusting, 1" of snow on the ground. My dogs enjoyed playing in it, but it certainly wasn't enough to built a snowman or anything else for that matter. Overnight the temperatures dropped to uncomfortable so, into the teens (12F) and is supposed to drop some more. Can't wait for the small warm-up we are supposed to have sometime next week. In the meantime, with the weekend ahead, we will snuggle more in bed and watch some good movies and maybe do a little hooking.

Here a little view of my dogs:

I had planned on revealing the winner of my give-away today. Since she did not respond to my e-mail yet, I have decided to postpone it until she does. Hopefully that will happen over the weekend and I will be able to tell you all about it on monday. Sorry you all have to wait a little bit longer, but it is worth the wait.

Ok, I also promised to tell you more of what I have planned for my blog. I have decided to blog about a different subject each day. With that, I hope,  it will get more interesting.

  1. Mondays - Weekend Report: I will tell you all about what has been happening over the weekend, including what I have worked on and a bit about my life.
  2. Tuesdays - Tuesday Question: Every Tuesday I will put out a craft question for all to answer and share with us in the blogger community.
  3. Wednesday - Design Day: On this day I will introduce different designs, which will include freehand crochet, designs I have found on other blogs and find noteworthy, and a pattern for all of you to enjoy and/or share. 
  4. Thursday - Remodel: I live in an old rented house and have lived here for the last three years. It badly needs changes made, like painting. I am also looking for solutions for storage, etc. Over the next few month I will be working on improving my living space and thought I would take you along for the ride. Sounds interesting?
  5.  Friday - Week-ending Report: I will have a look back at the week, at what I have worked on in my crafts and also finished. Also maybe what other interesting things I have found across the internet, that might be of interest to everybody. 

So what do you all think of that? How about leaving me a comment and sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to reading you all.

The other thing I meant to talk about is,  that I have decided that this is the year I work with bright colors, lots of bright colors, in my crafts and in my life. I have always loved primary colors, especially my favorite color "Red". Until now I have always been somewhat held back in using so much bright color and worked more with pastels or whites. The older I am getting, the more I am telling myself, what do I have to loose. Nothing right? Could be interesting, don't you think? Here are a few samples of what I am talking about and NO,  I cannot take the credit for the pictures, as I found them on the internet.


Now tell me.....what do you all think about that? Good idea or just plain crazy. Well you know, now that I have arrived in my 50's,  I am no longer as concerned about what is crazy or normal anymore. Life is supposed to be lots of fun and since that has been lacking somewhat for a long time, it is time to get back to it and enjoy my later years doing what is fun and exciting. How about coming along for the ride and enjoying it with me?

That's all from me for today. Here is hoping you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see each other again on monday, unless I have something else to report over the weekend. Bye for now or Tschuess how we say in german. 

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  1. I love the colourful furniture:-))I do love strong colours and find them very inspiring and mood lifting - especially in winter!
    elaine @labellehelene


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