Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Question

It's been a week since I posted and what a busy, crazy week it has been. I had every intention of posting, but every time I sat down to do so, something or someone else wanted my attention. Most of the time was taken up with wedding preparations for a close friend of mine and also with the wedding itself last weekend. The wedding was beautiful, but also very tiring and I got to admit, am glad it is over with. My Problem now is that I seem to have a hard time getting back in the swing of normal daily life. The Laundry basket is looking at me, the floors would like to get swept and mopped (not my favorite thing to do) and the dogs would very much like to get their hair brushed and untangled. And that are just a couple of things that needing done. But oh, where is my ooomph, you know, the giddy up and get going spirit? Not here....not even that good cup of coffee is getting me motivated. Pretty sad, huh? 

As you can imagine, crafting has been the last thing on my schedule as well. I hardly picked up a hook, except I continued a little bit on my granny square blanket. Pictures will have to come later. Hopefully I will start working on more this evening, when I can catch a quiet moment to myself.

But here is the Tuesday Question:

Do any of you use ETSY? What do you think of it and what are your good and bad experiences with it? If you don't use Etsy, do you use any other site do sell your handmade items?

Well Folks, that's it from me for today. Hope by tomorrow I will get back to normal and back in the swing of things. Hope to see you than. Good Day!

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  1. I first set up a website to sell a mixture of craft things but didn't have enough presence to get enough traffic. It's also expensive to run with no revenue coming in so I closed it up for a while.

    Recently I started selling dyed yarns on Etsy as a tester and have had some success but I have to work on being more visible to potential customers. But Etsy is such a big site that it is hard to be found unless you have contacts or can direct people from your blog/ravelry/forum sites etc.

    But recently someone did say to me about etsy - why would you set up a chinese restaurant right next to three others in the same street? :)) So, hmmm. I'd be interested in everyone elses thoughts on this.


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