Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Burst of Color

Friends, all I want to know is, will this winter ever end? Enough already. This last Sunday we had quite the ice storm around here. For 7 hours we watched nothing but ice dropping out of the sky, about 6 inches worth, than 2 inches of snow on top of that overnight. For our neck of the woods nothing good. It once again brought everything to a standstill. Even today on Tuesday, the major roads are still a mess, not to speak of the side roads. It was quite the fun ride up the hills to get to work, or should I say slide. By the coming weekend we are supposed to be back up to the 60's F and I really, really hope this was the last blast of winter. Ok, rant over.

Over this last week I continued with my quest for color, something to cheer up my boring walls and also me. I decided to make a cheerful Bunting, as the English say. The pattern for it I found on the oh so talented Lucy's blog Attic 24. Here is the link. She has a wonderful easy to follow tutorial on them and many other wonderful items.

This is my pile before sewing in all the strings

Followed by pinning and steaming, so they 
lay nice and flat

I made a few just solid colors

And the rest real good and colorful.
Something to cheer me up.

Than I laid them out on a table
to see in which order I wanted to
string them together.

Than I hung them on a blank wall.

I wish you all could see better how really cheerful this really
looks on the wall, but it doesn't show as good as
I would like. The problem is, the light in my apartment is not
very good.
But the colors so cheer me up.
"Color Happiness"

Now I am trying to see what else I want to do to cheer
up the walls some more. It really needs something else.

Thought I would leave you all with a couple of more pictures of winter in our neck of the woods
and wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!

Till next time!


  1. Yes same here Erika although not that much ice as you had for that 5 inches of snow.. but the sun is out and roads are clearing.. hopefully this was the last winter storm we have had too.. all we can do is wish and pray for it.. love your colorful Bunting.. very cheerful my friend.. wishing oyu an awesome tuesday. I am off to mail some stuff and also my granddaughters birthday party.. till next time.. hugs Mausie 1

  2. We got a layer of ice then a layer of snow last night. It's melted thankfully now. But there is another batch coming the end of the week. And your colors are very, I went a bit further with the need for color and on my blog I put on my denim and white and got the sunflowers out. LOL So ready for some heat. LOL

  3. I don't know about you but I am done, done I say, with cold and ice and snow!!! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  4. Die Girlande sieht echt toll aus! So schön fröhlich bunt :-). Da kann ja nur der Frühling kommen. Ich drück die Däumchen daß der blöde Schnee bei Euch bald endlich weg ist!!

  5. Erika, the bunting is gorgeous, I keep thinking how good a few rows would look on my bookcases. Maybe that's a project for the 52 week challenge!

  6. I love the bunting!!
    The colours are gorgeous and look lovely on the wall.

  7. Your bunting turned out beautifully!! I'm planning to try Attic24's bunting pattern, too, so I'm glad to see yours turned out so nice. I found you through Our Crochet World's link party and would like to invite you to join mine at


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