Monday, March 10, 2014

Weaving - An Update

Hallo Friends, hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty busy, but very nice. The only thing that put me a bit of kilter was the time change. I really dislike that time change, as I feel like I am off for a week or more. Wish they would do away with it.

On to other things. Well I finally finished my four place mats on the Weaver. They are made out of cotton thread, woven, washed and sewn. The colors I picked to correspond with my coca-cola collection in red, white and black. I think they came out pretty good for my first attempt.

Forgive the pictures. They are not as good as I would like. Living in an apartment has its limitations and I also don't have a big dinning room table, so a little one I have had to do.

I think they might also look better with white dishes.
What do you think?

Also made a little dishcloth with the same colors,
but instead of weaving with the black thread
I wove with the red.

Isn't it interesting how different something can look?
A bit of greenery can add a little 
touch as well.

And finally after a week of Ice and Snow,
we can see some Spring arriving around here as well.
The first flowers are popping their 
little heads out of the ground.
What a lovely site.

Wishing you all a lovely day from
my neck of the woods!

Till next time....


  1. Hi Erika... love the placemats... I think the one spun with red is just a bt cheerier but thats my personal opinion. great job for the first time... love your settings.. Haven's seen any flowers peaking through yet but hoping they will soon.. lovely day in the high 50's today here.. almost have my C2C done... have to weave in the ends and crochet around.. will show you a picture when its all done.. Have a wonderful Monday.. hugs Mausie1

  2. I like the red especially but white dishes would really look good on the darker placemats I think.

    I'm so impressed you wove these yourself. I think I'll have to go back over your blog and see if I can find out what you use to do these on.

    Looks great anyhow, so well done!!


  3. I've never woven anything before and am so impressed with those that do!! Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

    I'd love to have a chance at the yarn giveaway. I'm

    Have a great day!

  4. Yikes I've tried 10-12 times to follow your blog but Google says try later! So I'll try later LOL


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