Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Question & I am feeling Shame

After not having done the Tuesday question for a while, I thought I would go back to it. Hope you all participate.

This weeks question:

Do you make most things for yourself. to give to others, Charity or to sell?

Myself, I made most things to sell or to give away as gifts. I now find I have hardly anything in my house I made for myself and am trying to change that. Time to pretty up my own house with some color.

Over this last week I have started working on getting my crafts room cleaned up and organized, so I can see what I have or not, plus I am really tired of the clutter that has accumulated. So I have a lot of short pieces of yarn left over from varies projects and one of them were some ends of cotton. I decided I would make some can sleeves with them. Got to admit they look rather plain, but I had no further yarn left over. Here they are:

Maybe at a later point, when I have some leftovers again I will crochet some flowers to add. I also found out, that I most likely will not crochet any amigurimi, as my hands really hurt (good old Arthur) afterwards. I guess I have to learn my limits and that is one of them.

Now to my feeling Shame. As I just told you, I am cleaning out the crafts room. Oh what I found. All the unfinished projects that got left behind over the last year. Shame, shame on me. I really, really need to finish them and that is a promise I am making myself. As of today, only unfinished projects will be worked on, till they are all gone. Yap, that's what I need to do.

Here is a list of the unfinished projects: (This way I am accountable to myself)

4 different afghans (yes 4, the shame)
2 different shawls, one a granny and the other one an Elise
1 loom knitted hat
1 set of boot cuffs
1 knitted cowl
1 Easter project
1 quilt
1 fall poncho

In the next few days I will take some pictures of the unfinished things and as I will go along will post updates of how I am coming along.

Thanks for listening to my bickering at myself. Hope your day is bright and beautiful.
Till next time from my neck of the woods.


  1. Those holders look lovely and bright but I must admit, I love seeing little flowers and things on stuff like that as well, so I can see why you would like to add them at some point.

    I was quite excited when you gave your list, they're going to be great to watch and see completed.

    I'll be popping in to see how you're getting on.


  2. I find myself making a lot of things as gifts for other people. I have thought about selling a lot of the things that I don't give away though. I have been making a lot of baby blankets. (for future grandbabies LOL)

    (btw your package came in the mail today. Thank you thank you thank you. XD)

  3. Good Afternoon Erika ... lovely can cozy;s I like them.. nice and bright colors.. I have only 2 projects right now I am working on.. thank heaven.. to bad you live so far away I would come by and help you finish those.. still not set up my craft room yet but it will get done sooner or later.. wanna come by and help me.. lotsa hugs Mausie

  4. Hola Erika:
    Me gusta mucho tu blog.
    Me hago seguidora.
    Un beso


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