Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Love continues

Hallo Friends! The weekend is upon us. Isn't that just wonderful? Rest and Relaxation. Well, actually the weekend means it's time to get cleaning and taking care of the house. With four little critters that love to leave their hair everywhere, it's a constant battle at the moment to keep it looking nice. But they are so worth it. Love these buggers.

Over the last couple of days my Spring Theme continued in the crochet department. I had to add more fun, colorful stuff to the collection.

First I started with some coasters

I thought they looked bright and cheerful

Than I added the Tulip Garden to the mix

And also a little cover for my flower vase

Remember the flower from my 52 Week Crochet Challenge?
I added it here.
To give it the final touch, I added this little Bug.
Isn't it cute?

One more closeup of the pretty cheery
Spring flowers: Jonquils and Hyacinth
They smell so lovely and every time I pass by
they cheer me up so much.

Ohhh Spring, I am so glad you are finally here.

From my neck of the woods,
I wish you all a lovely, relaxing weekend!


  1. Haaach, wie herrlich!! So frische Farben und schön gehäkelt, und dann noch die tollen Blumen, da springt der Frühling förmlich aus dem Bild ♥. Ich wünsch Dir ein schönes Wochenende! LG Nata

  2. Love your colors Erika they sure are nice and springy... hope your well. I got me some cross stitch thread today to try out some easter egg crafts.. hope it enjoy the weekend.. hugs Mausie

  3. oooh lovely. You've certainly entered spring with a bang!

  4. Huebsch und farbenfroh ... Arbeiten, die sehr gut zum Fruehling passen!
    Vielleicht lockst den Fruehling mit dieser Dekoration aus der Reserve ... in Italien wird er sehnlich erwartet. :-)
    Bye, bye Elli

  5. OHHH fabulous! I adore the colorful coasters and the flower pot cover centerpiece doily!

  6. But I don't see pattern info for any of these. Are they available somewhere?

  7. Those coasters are gorgeous!!
    I love how bright and spring like everything is.



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