Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Hall of Shame Projects

Well my friends you will remember me talking about all my unfinished projects
around here......My Hall of Shame, I call it.
Today I thought I would show you what it consists of.

This is the first Afghan

 This would be Afghan #2

Afghan #3....The Granny Square

Afghan #4......The Ripple

Afghan #5.....plain striped (this is a request)

Afghan #6..... Granny Stripe ala Attic 24

My shawl Elise

What do you think? Is that not a Hall of Shame?
Will they ever be finished?

Grumpy Kitty says:" Please don't look down on my mommy because
she has so many unfinished projects. She can't help herself. If she sees something
new and exciting she has to try it. I have been trying to keep her of Pinterest
so she quits finding all those exciting projects and finishes what
she has started, but to no avail. It is hopeless, I think.
Maybe if you all encouraged her to work on the old stuff first,
maybe I would get a Blankie to sleep and leave my hair on.
So would you please help me out? Pleaassseee!!!"

Reminder: You can all still sign up for my give-away here until Sunday the 16th of March and we will pull a winner on Monday the 17th of March. So please go ahead and enter.

Till next time my friends from my neck of the woods. Have a wonderful sunny and happy weekend!


  1. I have wanted to do the granny stripe (attic 24) so you never know, I might even join you on that one.

    I love them all. I'm sure once you pick them up and start hooking, you'll just fall in love with them all over again.


  2. You're not alone, I have a shameless number of wips, far too many to declare in a blogpost!

  3. I don't know, I see more of a Hall of Possibilities. You have all these components you could combine into a wonderful Frankenproject!
    That's totally a word, right? I think it should be :)

  4. First - Do not feel alone. You are NOT alone! The only difference between you and the rest of us is that you are willing to confess - and in a very public way! I have decided to spend at least fifteen minutes a day finishing the unfinished. My plan is to set a timer and work that long. If I am on a roll then I will keep working as my time allows. If the project has fallen completely out of favor I must decide to gift it or frog it or revision. I am not going to force myself to finish something I truly am not enjoying at all. Know that there are studies that show that starting new projects change brain chemicals in a positive way - it's biological and you can't help it. :) ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  5. Grumpy Kitty, I wish I could discourage Erika, but I'm the same way :( As I was typing this, my son brought me the bag that has his half finished blanket in it, and as he was handing it to me said, "Sure wish I had a blanket to cover up with." Think that was a hint?

  6. Je hebt heel veel onderhanden!!!
    Pffft... daar zou je moe van worden alleen al om naar te kijken...
    Ik zou alles op 1 na wegstoppen en dan die ene eerst afmaken.... Daarna kun je verder grabbelen naar wat je dan weer af kunt maken...
    Succes ermee!

  7. Willkommen im Club ;-). Mir geht's genauso. Keine Ahnung wieviele Wips ich hier rumfliegen habe. Es ist aber auch immer zu verlockend, was neues anzufangen! Jedenfalls sehen Deine Projekte alle toll aus :-). Vielleicht macht es wieder Spaß, wenn Du erstmal 1 davon fertig machst/hast? Ansonsten, sie werden ja nicht schlecht, irgendwann hast bestimmt wieder Lust weiter zu machen :-) Lustigerweise hab ich gerade einen Cowl fertig, der Deiner 2. Decke sehr ähnlich sieht! Aber da sind noch zig Fäden zu vernähen, mal sehen wann ich das mache....... :o). Das Katzenfoto ist übrigens zu herrlich!


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