Thursday, February 6, 2014

While I was watching Downton Abbey Part #5 and a Finish

This last Sunday I actually got to stay home and not work, because we were pretty much snowed in. The roads in our area were plain terrible. So I got to watch my show at home, snuggled in bed, nice and toasty and with my doggies as companions. I had fully intended on finishing the border to my shawl, but as it goes sometimes, it was not to be. For some reason I could not understand the pattern and how it was to come together. I ended up frogging it a few times and was getting a little frustrated. So I decided to give it a rest and wait for the next day, better light and a more awake brain. Glad I did, because the next morning I understood the pattern just fine and I cheated and finished the border on Monday. I also got to sew in all the strings and yay I felled so accomplished.

I had planned on than finally posting on Tuesday, but when I went and took the pictures, they looked just awful because of the lack of light in my house. So yesterday we finally had some wonderful sunlight outside. Even so it was pretty cold still and Icy, I went outside and get the pictures taken. And what a difference the sun made. So pretty.

Looks like pretty snow, but is covered in a sheet of ice

Love this gnarly old tree. 
Had hoped you could see the ice covering it.

Here now for my reveal:
TaDa, TaDa

As you can see, I had to add a pop of color
by crocheting the border in my
favorite color "RED"

Light and Shadow

Doesn't it look pretty around all that snow?

Do love the way the red looks around the white

One last little look at the Border

I do love the way this shawl turned out and am looking forward to wearing it. I have a red and white skirt and a white long sleeve shirt to go with it. Might have to take another picture when I wear it, so I can show you.

Now what will I do next? Many things on my list of what I would like to make, but I have not quite decided yet. We shall see.

For now, wishing you all a wonderful and productive day from my neck of the woods!


  1. Stunning the red border on the white shawl.. love the pattern too... Great job,,, yes picture please with you wearing it... ice and snow here.. still snowing although its only a dusting.. oh well its still winter I guess.Cant wait to see your next project.. hugs Mausie

  2. what a wonderful shawl. Red is awfully hard to get pictures off but yours turned out just great.
    LG Sandra

  3. That's a very pretty blanket! Looks great in that snow.

  4. That red border looks beautiful next to the white snow. Love it! Don't you just love Downton Abbey! Sunday's episode was so good. Now Mary has two suitors. Wonder what she will do? I love all those British shows.


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