Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Snowy Sunday

Happy Sunday to you All!

Thought I would pop by and tell you what I have been up to this weekend. At the moment it is snowing out, big white fluffy flakes. It is very pretty, but for our neck of the woods not so good. Living in such a rural area brings challenges with it. We don't have a snow or salt truck around here clearing the roads, so they become icy and slick in a hurry. We are supposed to get 2 to 3 inches, which isn't really a lot, but enough to make it bad on all the rural roads. Hope it doesn't get to bad, as I am supposed to go to work tonight.

Sorry the pictures are not the best, but you get the idea.
Lots more on the ground since these were taken an hour ago.

It's also Super Bowl Sunday. As I am not a football fan, it doesn't affect me to much, but I already heard a few wives complaining about what's to come. Are you a fan? Will you be watching? And will you do something crafty while doing so?

I also baked some fresh bread today. Started the dough yesterday and let it sit overnight. Oh it came out so good. Had me a fresh slice a little while ago, with some fresh butter and a couple of cheesy eggs. So yummy!

Doesn't that look good?
It's a Rye/Wheat combination.

As for my afternoon I will be spending it watching a couple of German movies and sewing in threads for a granny square blanket that has been on the back burner for some time and really, really needs to finally be finished. Sewing in the thread is always my least favorite of things to do, and I therefor procrastinate doing so. But no more. I really need to finish some projects that have been sitting here for a while, so I can show them off to you all.

Otherwise it is Downton Abbey night and I will be working on my shawl, hopefully finishing it. Working on the border now, so it shouldn't be to much more. Looking forward to my favorite show to see what happens next.

That's it for my little report for today. Hope you all stay nice, warm and snugly! Till next time......


  1. Hope you have a great rest of the afternoon. just got home from the pharmacy myself and made it just in time.. it started snowing on my drive home.. noe I am good to go till tuesday.. still working on a babyblanket but did finish up a ruffled scarf in my grand daughters school colors for her... love granny squares hate weaving in ends and sewing them so your not the only one.. can't wait to see the finished shawl... looks so much like flowers really like it.. enjoy the snow from the warmth of your home.. hugs Mausie

  2. Dein Brot sieht aber lecker aus ;-) Nun bisher wurden wir den ganzen Winter bei uns vom Schnee verschont. Lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Ich schau jetzt öfters bei dir vorbei ;-)
    LG Sandra

  3. Sounds like a great Super Bowl Sunday some bread, crochet a little, watch some Downton Abbey...Perfect. And that bread looks so good! Is it an Artisan bread?

  4. I watched the superbowl and it was a pretty disappointing game. I don't really get into sports that much but I do enjoy watching it with my son and husband. Those pesky ends are always the worst, I know. Can't wait to see the finished pictures.

  5. Thanks for all your nice comments, it's always nice to get feedback.
    Astri, I am sorry but I don't know for sure if they call that Artisian Bread. Got the recipe from a friend and is very simple to make and I just love it. If you would like the recipe, I could send it to you.


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