Monday, February 17, 2014

"Happy Monday" everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend to look back on and also a wonderful Valentines day. The weather is finally improving around here and are we glad to see it. I see Spring in the near future and boy am I looking forward to it. I am so done hibernating and so tired of looking at all the grey. Here a little something to cheer all of us up: A bit of cheerful color

This past week has been a busy and crazy one for me. First I had to work a bunch of extra hours, which isn't a big deal, but was unplanned. Than I must admit, I was quite frustrated because my internet was out most of the time due to the bad weather around here. Living in such a rural area often brings that with it. But the internet is also often the way we stay in touch with people outside of here and I missed that interconnection. Oh well that is how it goes sometime in life, but I was glad I had other outside obligations to keep me busy.

I did manage to get some crocheting related stuff done, something that had been on the back burner for some time:

It started out with looking like this.
Lots of lovely colorful strings.

And turned into a pile of them.

Is it true that you can give them to the 
Birds for nesting?

And now the end result:

A drawer full of nicely sewn in strings.
Don't they look pretty now?
Some have a stack with a different color underneath.

I am so proud of myself of finally getting them done. After all the years of crocheting this is my first granny square afghan. Can you believe it? Well, I have been looking at different methods of joining them together, but I haven't quite decided which one I will use. Another first for me. Will share the outcome with you soon.

Today I am working on organizing my crafts and to see what I have left on yarn, which isn't much at the moment and might require a trip to the crafts store (yay me). But I also want to see what I have on unfinished projects laying around here, and yes there are quite a few. I have promised myself I will finish them, one at a time, as soon as possible. Maybe if I stayed of of Pinterest long enough to see new things I want to make, it would be very helpful. What do you think? Would that help?

Now I bit you all farewell until next time from my neck of the woods. Have a lovely day everybody!


  1. Hello Erika.. I love your granny's.. such a lively colorful stack.. yes the strings you can put outside for the birds.. I have done that the last 2 years.. and you do see them once in a while in a glad its starting to thaw here too.. sun has felt so good today.. I look forward to your next project.. hugs and enjoy your week.. Mausie1

  2. Hello Erika, your blog is beautiful! i following now, from grow your blog, i love your grannys square!

  3. Wat een heerlijke bos bloemen om naar te kijken!!!
    Laat het voorjaar maar komen!!!


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