Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, Monday......

You all remember that song? It often goes around my head on that particular day and I sing it in my head or out loud if alone (you don't want to hear me sing.....I would crack a mirror). So Monday it is and with that a start to a new week. Hopefully a good one for everyone!

Spring....oh yes SPRING has finally sprung around here and even so it has been cooler again the last couple of days and raining, I am so so excited about it. Just love this time of year with all the trees budding and starting to flower in all these beautiful colors, yellow, white and pink, and the flowers showing their little tiny heads out of the ground. Been looking forward to a nice long walk on a sunny day to just take pictures and enjoy it all. With any luck that will be tomorrow, as they are predicting a nice warm day. Oh Joy....can hardly wait. I did take a picture of the sky and these puffy little clouds the other day. They look like soft lucsious puffs you just want to snuggle into.

Since coming back here to Mississippi, my life has been busy, busy and busier. Not that I don't enjoy it, I do. Life has circled around horses, dogs, the vet clinic where I will be working a couple of days a week and fixing up my new home. Plus daily normal things that come up as we go along. My life sure isn't boring anymore.

The other night, my girlfriend who breeds dogs and I helped her Mastiff give birth to 9 little ones. We were up until three in the morning and seemed to take foreer for her to have them all. But they are ohhhh so cute. Thought I would let you see them as well.

Would you believe I actually picked up a hook this last week? Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but I did. Maybe that is a sign that some things are going back to normal a little bit. Well I had bought this book at the Yarn Store a couple of weeks back, called "63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches". They made an Heirloom Afghan out of it, but I wanted it more for the stitches itself.

So with one of the stitches from this book, I first just wanted to make a square patch for an afghan, but than as I went along I decided I would rather use it to make a scarf. Maybe not the right time of year, but as we all know, winter will come around again and why not crochet or knit a few scarves during the summer month. Here is a looksy at what I have accomplished so far. It is about 3/4 done and I hope to finish it still this evening while watching one of my favorite shows on TV.

So what you think? And don't you just love love love the colors in this yarn? Well I sure do. It makes me think of spring and it is bright and cheery the way I like it. 

Take a look below. That is the way the pattern patch looked in the book. If you interested in the pattern, let me know and I could either post it here or send in e-mail.


Well I shall come to an end here and will get back to doing some more work around the house, like washing dishes or something mundane like that. "Happy Crafting" to you all out there and have a wonderful evening.

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  1. The crochet book looks like a great find. I love to have lots of patterns to experiment with too, and your colours are gorgeously bright!

    And talking of bright and cheery, I've just nominated you for another sunshine award:-)) Cause you more than deserve it! I know you already have one so you may not want to nominate another 12 people but I just wanted you to know how much your blogs mean to us out in blogland and how your strong positive outlook on life is inspiring, especially when its not so easy to feel as cheery as we'd like. Thank you.


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