Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Quick "Hallo"

Good Afternoon my Dear Friends! Hope your day is going well so far.

This morning I took the big Mastiff mommy for a walk, or should we say......I think she took me for a walk. She was just so excited to see everything and of course had to sniff on every bush and every piece of grass she passed. The good thing about it is, that this kind of quick walking is good exercise for me and might help me loose those treated extra pounds I've put on over the winter month. Even so it stormed last night quite a bit and the rain clouds were still overhead, I really enjoyed it. I saw a woodpecker just pecking away on a tree. I tried to get a picture of him, but my camera just wouldn't get close enough. But how I enjoyed seeing all the pretty flowers and bushes.

Magnolia trees....oooh how I love them. Especially at this time of year when they flower in all their pink beauty. During the summer month I enjoy their fragrant flowers.

Isn't that just beautiful. I could look at them all day.

Yesterday I cut the grass in our backyard for the first time. When I was done, I just pulled a chair into the yard and played fetch with the dogs for a while. They so loved this ourdoor activity after the long winter. It is amazing how they can always make me smile or laugh at them. They sure do the funniest things. I also love the smell of the grass after it has been cut for the first time of the year. It has a scent of its own, like freshness itself. 

I also repotted a few of my indoor plants and potted a butterflybush. I don't know know about you but I just loveeee to dig in the dirt and get my hands dirty. It won't be much longer and I get to dig up a veggie garden, with fresh Tomatoes, Beans and Herbs. Ohhh the joys of summer. Nothing can keep me in the house during those month. What do you enjoy doing in the summertime?

Well lets end todays post with a crafty note. Here are two pictures of a pattern I thought some of you might enjoy and I thought I would share them with you. Until the next time, take care of yourself......


  1. Ah, your Forsythia is out already! I'm waiting for the weather to catch up here - spring is unusually late and we are only now beginning to see the lovely daffodils. And that magnolia - beautiful! Far too big to fit into my little garden:-)

    I an so looking forward to being able to get out in the garden and sort it all out. All I need is the rain to go away for a few days so things can dry out a bit. I do like playing in the earth but not when it's that waterlogged!

    Oh, thank you for the crochet pattern. It's been a while since I worked from a chart but it'll be good practice for me. Love you sample, any plans for it?

  2. love the pictures of the flowers and tree. yes it is spring here in Magnolia tx also. I can tell by all that nasty pollen floating around in the air. love spring but hate pollendust. its everywhere...
    Haven;t seen filigree work in a while my mom used to make all kinds of doily;s and stuff that way. I am not so good at that kind of crocheting. I still am busy with my loom knitting lol. hubby is surprised I haven't stuck it in a corner I think since I am not so much of a yarn person at least wasn't until I found the looms. Hope you have a wonderful day - week...look forward to see more of your crafts...Hugs Birgit

  3. I love your photos, Erika, especially the Goldenrod bush. I did a "yellow" post today with lots of photos of bright, colorful, cheerful yellows.
    I also enjoy the Japanese Magnolia very much. Spring is a lovely time of year. Thanks for sharing und
    Auf Wiedersehen!
    Doris :-)

  4. Love the magnolia tree... just can smell it from here (lol)

    It is just refreshing to see everything coming back to life and simply being the best that they can be...

    Don't you just love spring!!!


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