Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Question

Once again it is time for the Tuesday Question:

There are so many different Needles for Crocheting and Knitting out on the market. They are made from many different materials, like Bamboo, Plastic, Metal or Wood. Which one do you use for what and why? Do you have a preference or do you just use what most people I personally know use, the ones made out of Metal?

Once again life has been rather busy over the last few days. Over the weekend I helped a friend move from Missouri to Mississippi. As you can see on the following picture, packing up the truck wasn't to much fun, as it was a very steep driveway. Oh what joy.......

The trip to Missouri took three hours one way. We left at 4 in the morning and didn't get back to Mississippi until 8 that evening. We let the unpacking of the truck wait for Sunday. It is amazing how much faster we can unpack such a truck than pack. We were lucky so, as we had a helper that used to work for one of those furniture movers and he knew how to pack up well. Without him I don't think we would have managed to get everything in the truck. One never realizes how much stuff we really have until we make such a move.

I did find a new book at a trip to a small store in our area, that was having a sale. I got lucky and only had to pay about 1/8 th of the price it used to cost. In it I found a blanket I just LOVE, love Love. You all know that I am very fond of bright colors these days and this one certainly fits the bill. Now all I have to do is order the right kind of yarn to go with it and off I will go. Here is a looksy at the afghan and the book:

Someone also brought me a little present over the last few days. It's a beautiful Hyathine plant and I tell you all, it smells just absolutely wonderful. Who needs air freshners when you have a plant like that around?

Just one last looksy at a tree that is in front of our house. Isn't it just beautiful. There is just nothing like Spring.  (I know, I know......I'm repeating myself)

Well until next time I bit you all Farewell. Always keep on smiling. It brightens peoples days!!!


  1. Well I have metal crochet hooks but I remember to use a plastic one for the tunisien (spelling)stich when I was a teenager. I know my mom also used a sawed off broom handle one time for one of her sweaters long time ago. I prefer the metal and of course my looms for knitting. love the tree it is beautiful. and yes the hyacinth is also, love the daffodils and narcissus in the other picture too. such messengers of spring arent they.. love the colors of the blanket so bricht and cheery. hope your week-life slows down just a tad bit but its always great to be busy.,.,so until next time....hugs

  2. I think I need a lovely flowering tree outside my window to remind me that spring should be here:-)

    Needles... well, I started off using straight metal needles borrowed from my mum when I was young so I suppose that has become my default needle. I've done a lot more hand knitting in the last few years and it has made me reconsider what type of needle is more suitable to the job. I now prefer to use circular needles for larger things like garments, again mostly metal but that is more preference as I tried bamboo ones and didn't get along as well with them.

    But it depends on what I am knitting. I have been knitting socks a lot and I prefer small circular knitpro bamboo ones for them as they have sharper points to pick up the finer yarn and stops splitting. I also like how bamboo stops the stitches slipping especially on DPN's. This is a lifesaver decreasing on hats!!! Mind you, it took me a while to be convinced I wasn't going to snap them!

    I prefer metal over plastic or bamboo for crochet - I have snapped plastic:-) and I just don't feel I can get into a rhythm with the bamboo but that's just personal preference.

    Hope your Easter weekend has been more restful and less hectic!


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