Monday, January 20, 2014

While I was watching Downton Abbey Part 3

     Hallo Friends, hope you all had a wonderful week and even better weekend. Mine was pretty nice, if busy. But I am not complaining, as I enjoyed every minute of it.

     From now on I will have to work every Sunday night, so I will watch Downton Abbey on Monday's. As always I just loved my favorite show. Every week it seems to get better and more interesting. Every week I feel transported back in time. Have I mentioned I love this show?

     Yes I also worked on my shawl. Sometimes it is not easy, especially when I get into the show, but progress needs to be made. It's coming along nicely, but I also ran into an issue. I followed the pattern in the book, using the kind of yarn called for and also the right needle. but as it turns out that if I stayed with the pattern the way it is called for, it would be a shawl for a child instead of an adult. So I am doubling up on the length and hope it will come out better. Has that ever happened to you? Or am I doing something else wrong? Any advice would be appreciated.

     Here now a look at how far I have come today:

     I am very much enjoying this pattern. Looking forward to seeing it finished myself now. Might get it done by next week.

     That's it from my neck of the woods today. Until soon!!


  1. Love it and I too am a DA fan!


  2. very pretty pattern... its happend to me before too.. either to big or to small.. hugs Mausie


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