Friday, January 10, 2014

Place-mats Weaving

     As today was a very yucky rainy day outdoors, it was the perfect day to sit on a big weaving loom and make something pretty for my household. Many of you know that I am an avid coca-cola collector and that my house is somewhat decorated around that, especially color wise with the red, white and black. So it will come as no surprise that these place mats are also in those colors.

     The weaving loom does not belong to me, but my friend Gena is so nice to share it with her friends to learn and/or to make their own projects. I also did not do the hard work of actually stringing this weaving loom. That would probably take me a month of Sunday's to learn. Just to show you a view of the setup:

     All I can say is wowwww........that's a lot of string. Thanks Gena for doing all the hard work for me.

     I am planning on making four place mats, but today I managed to only do one. It does take a bit of time to work on it. Admittedly I was also busy talking to my friend at the same time, which slows me down some, but without would be a lot less fun. Just another excuse to have another little get together with said friend and what could be better than that?

     That's how it looks at the beginning

Work in progress

A little close up

One last view

     Now all the place mats stay on the frame until all 4 are made and maybe also a dishtowel to go with it. Than they will be taken of the frame, hemmed and washed before brightening up my house. Looking forward to seeing them on my table all finished. Will share with you when they are all done.

     Thanks for stopping by today to share in my little weaving adventure. Until soon I wish you a wonderful weekend !



  1. love the placemats... very cool looking.. have always wanted to learn to weave... enjoy them when your done.. hugs

  2. Well I found the loom and Wow!! That looks like it would be an amazing experience.
    I just wanted to see how you created them. Very impressive.


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