Thursday, January 16, 2014

While I was watching Downton Abbey, Part 2

     Hallo Friends! I hope this finds you all well.

     As it goes with things in life sometimes, my plans didn't quite go as I had planned this week. First I ended up working on Sunday night and didn't get to watch "Downton Abbey" that night. Second I was going to continue working on the afghan that I showed you last week. Well low and behold, I did not have the color yarn I had wanted to continue with. This will mean a trip to Hobby Lobby, but that is not around the corner from my house, because I live in the country. So this will have to wait until I get a chance to go there sometime next week. Has that ever happened to you?

     So I went to plan B. On Monday I watched "Downton Abbey" from a recording. I also decided to work on a different project until the time I can get the new yarn. 

     Recently I got this new books on crocheted shawls. There are many lovely patterns inside and I will try and make each one of them as time goes by.

     I decided on this pattern, but not the same color and I chose white

Here is the beginning

And this is how far I made it while watching my favorite show

And now a little close-up

     Wow, "Downton Abbey" is going to be sooooo goood this season. I just love that show. Can't tell, can you? Are you watching? Are you looking forward to what is coming next? Personally I can't wait for next Sunday. Wish I could rush it along.

     Ok that's enough yapping about this show. What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. Erika - you are loaded in for the GYB party!

  2. Oh, that's going to be one beautiful shawl! Love the pattern and color you chose also! Now, on to Downton Abbey - I am late to the party and just started watching two weeks ago and really love it! I got the past seasons for Christmas, so I have some catching up ahead of me!! Love your blog! :)


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