Monday, January 6, 2014

A new Beginning & While I am watching Downton Abbey, Part 1

     The new year 2014 has arrived and with that I thought it would be a good time to restart my blog.

     Sadly 2013 was not a good year for me, neither personal, health wise or professionally. For that reason blogging and crafting took a back seat.

     Finally over the last few weeks the urge to return to crafting has grabbed me ever so slowly and we will make a fresh start and hope that 2014 will be a wonderfully productive and fun year.

     Hope yours will be the Best as well!!!

     Over a snowed in weekend in December 2013 I went into a knitting and looming frenzy to make a few Christmas presents. The following is the result of it. All in all I made 8 hats that weekend, not all pictured. They were well received on Christmas morning and are now keeping a few heads and ears warm with this cold flash we are currently having.

     Last night one of my favorite shows returned here in the states with it's premier. Many of you are probably enjoying this show as well. From what I hear there are groups out there with people who are watching this show together and or crafting together. How Fun! Which show am I talking about, you ask? Well it is "Downton Abbey" of course. Are you following this story as well? 

     Since I live in a rather rural area and there aren't any groups I could join, I made the decision to make one crochet project just during those evenings watching. I picked a colorful afghan, as I feel the need for some color in this dreary time of year. Here now the beginning of it from last night:

Wonder where this colorful project will lead me. New colors to come during my next viewing session. Looking forward to seeing this project grow as I am being transported to a different time.

     Well now that is it from my neck of the woods today. Hope to see you all soon again. Have a wonderful and day everyone!

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