Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What a week

Wow what an eventful week. But first I would like to say Good Morning and wishing you all a good upcoming week. How was your weekend? Did you all get any crafting done?

Here in my neck of the woods it continues to rain and I will be so glad when that is done with. It feels more like fall with these temperatures and all this wet weather. But lets look on the bright side, they say " April Showers bring May flowers". Well ok than, lets get started, because I would sure love to see some beautiful flowers and would also like to get new flowers set out and the veggies planted in the big garden.

Well last week we went back to Alabama to pick up my stuff that I have still in storage there. Sorry to say we came back empty handed due to the Tornado's that hit the area hard. We did get to witness it all and it wasn't a pretty site. Here a few images of what we saw:

 The above pictures is after, when we had to stand in a long line for gas. We got lucky after 3 hours to get enough to leave Cullman to head home.

Arriving home, we were surrounded by flooding, including some main traveled roads. The town of Pocahontas was under water, only the roof showing from the local Wal-Mart.

Needless to say we will be very glad when things get back to normal arround here as well. I had a call from Alabama, where at least some of the areas once again have power and are able to get the food they need. I keep thinking about all those poor people in Tuscaloosa, who have lost so much and will have years of rebuilding. They need a lot of help and many volunteers.

Tomorrow I will return with some crafting news, because as bad as it was, as long as we had daylight we got to do a little crocheting. For now I will say Good Night and see you soon.

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  1. Your photos of the storm are scary. Mother Nature can be so cruel. Glad all is well with you.


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