Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Addition

Good Morning my Dear Friends. Hope you are all doing quite well!

We finally have a gorgeous day around here, with plenty of sunshine. Yeah, we are just plain happy about that. Hope we can dry up just a little to go do some digging in the yard. So ready to get my hands dirty, and my Tomatoe plants are waiting to be set out.

This morning I had planned to show you some of the work I did while waiting out the Tornadoes, but I must have been dingy or something, because when I tried to download the pictures of my camera, they were nowhere to be found. Yuk, don't know what happened there. Now I will have to retake them, but my little project is at my patients house and I am at mine. So I will have to retake them this evening when I go back. Sorryyyy.

But I am so Happy this morning. I got to buy myself a Sewing Machine, finally. You all don't know how badly I wanted one. I finally saved enough and here it is.

I am so excited. Already have fabric for curtains for my apartment ready to go. Looking so forward to finally being able to sew all the things I have dreamed off. So pretty soon I will share not only Crochet with you, but also some sewing. There are also a few ladies around here who quilt and I am planning on joining them to finally make my own first quilt. Did I say I was excited?

Finally I thought, since I couldn't show you what I have made, that I would show you a few pictures of my still unfinished appartment and my little coke collection. A lot of things are still looking for a place to go and I will add some storage containers as I go along, but I have a good start. I guess the fun of a new place is that you can start over with new design, new colors, etc. Will share more with you in the future.

 This closet will have built-in shelves soon for all my containers of yarn and fabric.

Some Craft Containers
 My new shelves for my collection and some of my many books.

Coca-Cola Collection

My office / Guest Room / Craft Room
In this room there is still a lot of work to be done.
Next week I will get my desk / sewing machine table and bookshelves
built in. Can't wait!

Now that's it from me from today and thank you all for stopping by to my little world. Have a great day!

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  1. Congratulations on your new sewing machine. I don't sew, but I know how exciting it is to get something to pursue one's craft (with me it's new yarn!)

    Glad you're getting sunshine. If I could I'd have sent you some of ours, but I'm so glad the tornadoes are gone and you're out of harm's way.

    Your coke collection is impressive. I have a neighbor who loves Coca-Cola items as well. I'm a Pepsi lover myself, but keep it very limited (sort of as a treat!)

    Have a wonderful day und "I'll be back"


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