Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Quick Hallo

Today just a quick Hallo as my day turned out busier as anticipated, but that's alright as I enjoyed it very much. I got to spend the morning with a friend in her gardens. We sat in the beautiful sunshine, watching the butterflies and birds, listening to the frogs doing their little song and of course enjoying the wonderful flowers making their appearance to the new world. The coffee wasn't bad either.

I did managed to work on a little project today. I had some old picture frames and I am trying to turn them into something that fits into my current theme of my household. Well here is the first one that was dry enough to hang up. What do you think?



Hanging on the wall....Had planned on putting a picture in it, but my sometimers set in and I couldn't find the cord to the printer. so that will have to wait for another time.

I am not sure why my pictures are not turning out very good lately. I know one of the problems is the lighting in my house, but maybe it is also the camera I am using. I am thinking I would like a little better one. But than again it might just be the operator, lol.

Here are a couple more bad pictures of the other project I told you I was working on. I have just bought the bedspread for my guestroom. It's very colorful, but that is not showing up very good on these pictures. Now I am making a few granny square pillows to go with it. Maybe one in stripes as well. Also thinking about adding some little flowers for accent. Will try and get better pictures when they are finished. As I am spending the whole upcoming weekend with my patient, I am planning on finishing them and also going back on working on my afghan. Hope to show you more soon.

Well, will see you all later.....Bye for now!


  1. I hate when my camera won't do what is expected of it. Your work deserves a good camera.

  2. Halle Erika,

    Wie geht's? I like your refurbished picture frame. It looks so much more cheerful.

    That yarn you're using looks very soft and fun to work with. I love bright colors and always have a difficult time deciding which one is my favorite ;-)

    Ich wollte nur mal kurz auf Deinen Blog schauen aber es sieht aus als ob Du zu mehr Zeit an Facebook verbringst (grins) Ich aber auch weil ich es eigentlich leichter finde, mich so einfach mit mehreren Leuten auf einmal verstaendlich zu machen... denkst Du auch so? Und ja, die Spiele LOL

  3. Hi Erika! I lvoe this pola dot frame. Polka dots cheer up everything. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Nun muss ich doch nach langer Zeit mal wieder ein Hallo da lassen. Hatte dich irgendwie aus den Augen verloren. LG Inge


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