Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A few good Tips

Here are a few good tips:

A good way to clean steel crochet hooks is to soak them in rubbing alcohol from time to time and dry them with a soft cloth. They'll sparkle and give you a better and smoother stitching experience.

Kids are bound to get stains on those handmade items. For grass stains, apply ammonia and hydrogen peroxide alternately, followed by a cold water rinse. Just remember to do it as fast as possible.

Use a shoebox for your knitting and crochet yarn on trips. You can easily cut holes to feed the yarn without getting tangled. Works well at home also.

Keep a creative album of all your works, including pictures, yarn used, patterns and everything else that was important to your project. It's nice to have a record later.

Recycle old Preserve Jars for needles and pins or any other small objects you use for your daily crafting.


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