Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I been up to

Today I have to share something with you all and hope I don't bore you with my personal stuff.

Because of economic reasons I moved back to Mississippi in February of this year. I had previously lived here in Ms. for 10 years and thought my chances would be better back here where I knew more people and was told, were more opportunities. Well, it turned out not to be the case. So what do we do when Life hands us Lemons? We make Lemonade, lol. Therefor I will make another move and this time to Houston Texas. I will be staying with my girlfriend Mausi and am looking forward to that and hopefully many other opportunities. Now I hope you will all cross your fingers for me. It really is exciting on one hand, as I have never been to Houston, but is also a little scary to make such a big move. I think you all know what I mean.

As Mausi is also a crafter, I am looking forward to having someone to share my passion with. It will be nice to share a cup of Java and a crafting idea with someone else close by. Hopefully that will get my crafting mojo flowing again.

So I will be moving this coming weekend and should be back for my Tuesday question next week. Hope you all will be patient with me until than.

Until than you all take Care, have a good week and weekend and I will be looking forward to sharing more crafts and life with you than. Bye for now!!!


  1. Good luck with your move and I hope this new beginning will be the start of something really good. Just keep positive. Much Love Clare x

  2. It most definitely be the start of something good....I personally can't wait......

  3. Take it easy with all the moving. I hope you will enjoy Houston.

  4. I wish you a big cup of luck now when you are moving. It sounds good that your friend also is a crafter.Nice of her to welcome you. I hope that You will have many pleasant crafty-moments together.
    Take care!

  5. Erika,

    All the best, do not worry, just keep on the positive path you are on and with your friend you will be sure to make things work out for you. We'll hear from you once you've settled. l

  6. Oh, I'm so happy you found a solution to your dilemma. I have been concerned for you and your doggies. I'm glad you can be near Mausi as she seems like a really sweet person. I got to know her a little when she was guest blogging for you a while back.

    Plus you get to speak German all you want ;-)

    Good luck with the move. Can't wait to hear how everything went. I lived in Arlington, Texas before, but only for about 6 months.

    Alles Gute und Tschuess,
    Doris und Gizzy :-)


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