Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Question

Another week has passed in a flurry and it seems like yesterday that I wrote my last post. Most of my week has been spend with outdoor activities, which is my favorite kidding. When the sun is out, I just can't resist enjoying the garden. And yes.....even the work that comes with it, like cutting grass and clipping weeds and bushes. Also I just love, LOVE digging in the dirt. Gloves...what is that? I need to feel the warm dirt run through my fingers. And....ohhhh how good it feels when you see the first sprout lings comes through that dirt. You get that feeling of success and it gets even better when you finally get to harvest what you planted, when it sits on your table as a meal. Do you all love to garden? What is your favorite thing in the summertime?

On to the Tuesday Question:

Since I was talking about the Spring and Summer month, I was curious if your knitting or crocheting habits changed. Like, do you knit or crochet with thinner yarns and make only summer stuff or do you continue to do the same thing year round, no matter the temperature? And what about the colors you use? Do they become lighter in the summer month?

And yes....I actually have been picking up a hook in the evenings again. Maybe not as much as I usually do, but more than I have done in the last couple of month. I have been working on my afghans, the two ripples I have been working on. Do you remember them? Here another little looksy....

 With that I will close for today and hope to see you all again soon.....Good Night and I am looking forward to your all's opinions.

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