Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flower Inspiration

Today has been a good day....Yes....the kind of day one wishes to have every day. Sunshine, warm weather and some free time to do a little gardening and a little hooking. How much better can it get....I ask? Today I was able to plant some spices and to get my tomato plants bought, which I will plant in the next few days. Here a little looksy at my spices.....

And here now is a little project I have been working on for a couple of hours today. I found the pattern here at  Scotty's Place . She is making these little flowers for an afghan. You should go and take a the colors she has chosen so far and am looking forward to seeing the finished product. I, myself decided I really enjoyed the little flowers, but I am not going to use them to make an afghan, but instead to chain them together, to hang them on the wall of my little office, with my cheerful yellow wall. You should all try the pattern, as it is quite simple to understand and make. I just used yarn I had left over from my afghan I am making. So....would you like to take a little look? Well I don't know....should I really let you see it? You say YES of course.....OK, they are. Hope you will enjoy them as I did and hope the rest of your evening is filled with fun and enjoyment!


  1. Oh, your flowers look absolutely lovely! I think you need lots to fill up your wall:-) But then there will be more crocheting goodness going on I'm sure so we have to leave space for them too!

    Your plants and herbs are looking great - mine aren't quite so far on from seed and I'm thinking of buying a few larger pepper and tomato plants that are a bit further along till mine catch up. Trying to be a bit more self sufficient but without a greenhouse it's a bit slow because of the late warmer weather. Glad the sun has come out where you are - if you could send any extra my way? :-)))

    hugs xxx

  2. Hello Erica - nice German name :-)

    I love using fresh herbs for my cooking. Looks like you have a nice little herb garden going.

    Those pretty crocheted flowers are so lovely. I think they are adorable.

  3. Hi Erika! You joined up to Follow me and you turned out to be my 100th follower. So if you will email me your address I have a book of crochet patterns I would like to send you. I wrote a post about it if you would like to stop by and read about the prize. My email is Mollywilson49m(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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