Friday, December 11, 2009

My other Blog & more

Hallo Friends,

Until now I had a blog on another site. ( What I noticed is, that I was not very visible and people weren't finding me. So, for that reason I switched to Blogger. Hopefully I will now be able to connect to many other crafters and to the community that I love. In the meantime you can still check out my old blog at the given link. Hope to meet many nice people here to exchange ideas.

This morning I was looking through my stash of yarn, which is really quite a bit, to see what I could attempt to make next. I realized that I had collected more yarn than I thought and was trying to figure out, what yarn I bought for what project. Can't say that I remembered most of it. Which brought me to the conclusion that I needed to learn the fine art of "Stash Busting", which means to learn to use the yarn I had already purchased. My problem is that when I go to the local yarn shop for something I need, I see this pretty yarn or that pretty yarn and could I not make something with this yarn. And so the Stash keeps growing. So my resolution for the new year will be to avoid the yarn store at all costs and work on making it a dwindeling Stash. Think it will work? I guess only time will tell, but one can at least attempt to do so, right??

My other project for today is to figure out how to add pictures here. You all want to see pictures, right? Wouldn't be any fun without pictures to see what I am actually working on. So off I go to get my day moving with some coffee and lots of ideas in my head. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a wonderful day


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